Here are some great reasons why content marketing rules the digital roost:

1. Digital content is cheaper to produce than traditional advertising.

2. Content marketing can be used to great effect by small businesses. We can’t all afford TV ads or large billboard signs, but we can think niche and write compelling and frequent content allowing us to compete on more of a level playing field with the big brands.

3. Content in the form of free advice positions your real estate brand as a thought leader. Whatever your specialism; sales, property management, project marketing or commercial property, make sure you share tips with potential clients.

4. Curate localised content and feature the collective knowledge of real estate industry veterans from across your patch. Such as local conveyancers, home stylists, landscape gardeners, specialist tradespeople and so forth. Let these people contribute to your content, and they’ll help you to cover more topics and be more relevant and helpful to residents in your neighbourhood.

5. Content marketing, when looked at in its simplest form, is providing answers to questions that potential home sellers seek. Every day your next client asks Google (using those all important keywords and phrases) for help. Make sure you supply content to Google to help answer them. This search engine marketing (SEM) strategy will have leads knocking at your door.

6. Content helps fuel digital word-of-mouth. People will point (URL links) to your information from their website, blog or via their social media shares. These inbound links tell Google that your content is popular and well worth the read.

7. Google and Facebook now rank content by giving it a relevancy score. They no longer rely on the search words and phrases alone. This improvement is a big win for real people like us with real stories to share.

8. Great content builds your authority not just within Google’s search rankings but in the minds of prospective clients. Great content marketing grows your reputation, notoriety and helps people come to trust you. Let’s face it; homeowners are more likely to sell their property through someone who shares their knowledge and sounds like they know what they are talking about!

9. Your content marketing strategy must be treated as an additional, less-obvious, product. One that you give away for free in exchange for more visibility, interest and enquiry.

10. The whole point of content marketing is to create as many points of entry to your website, and therefore your business, as possible.

The biggest misconception about sharing your knowledge and know-how for free is that a competitor is going to steal your ideas. This way of thinking only limits your potential. Your ideas need a stage on which to perform and an audience. If you want to grow your real estate business, you can no longer keep your information inside the four walls of your real estate office.

So, put a content marketing plan in place, targeted at local home owners, and you will see increased traffic to your website. Which in turn means increased exposure of your brand, and increased enquiries.

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