The importance of typography in branding

The importance of typography in branding

Typography often gets less attention than other brand style elements we define and create when building our brand. But the role it plays and the value it can add to your brand shouldn’t be ignored. Typography isn’t the simple matter of making your words readable. It underlines and even transforms your message through design.

While typography and the fonts you choose might not be the first things you think about when you create your brand identity, it’s definitely worth spending some time on. Here’s why.

Typography adds meaning to your words

Typefaces influence how people perceive your brand. Like other brand style elements, they tell them who you are.

Every typeface has its own set of unique characteristics. They have the power to convey a deeper and more symbolic meaning which goes beyond pure words.

Let’s pick two examples of typefaces, Comic Sans and Times New Roman. The first might tell people you’re fun, unusual, and even a bit childish. The second draws the image of a serious, reliable, and classic brand. Tell me what’s your brand font and I tell you who you are. People will draw conclusions about your brand by your choice of fonts.

Typography connects voice and visuals

Besides helping you to establish a brand personality, typography connects your words with your design. Your visuals and your voice are the main aspects of your brand. And they’re inseparable. One doesn’t work without the other.

The message you want to spread needs to align with your font choice. If this isn’t the case, it’ll create a disconnect which can confuse your audience.

Typography is everywhere

If you think about it, there’s almost no place where you don’t use type. It’s in your logo, your packaging, your newsletter, and your website. So you should never underestimate its influence but also the possibilities it gives you.

Working with text means first and foremost paying attention to its readability. But you can also use it to create balance and contrast and to let certain words or phrases stand out. Typography transforms text to your needs.

Typography builds brand recognition

The most important point, and why you should never neglect typography, is building brand recognition. By choosing a set of fonts and using them consistently for all your brand designs you create a cohesive brand style. A style which will slowly get recognized by your audience the more you use it.

Your audience will start to memorize this aspect of your design. Even more so if it aligns with your message.

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