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Your name carries a lot of weight. It’s how you identify your business, after all. But, is a name everything? Well, not quite. Your name can only get you so far. You also need a rocking jewelry logo.

Think about some of your favorite brands. Are you seeing the names in your head? Or, are you seeing the logos? I’m willing to bet you’re seeing the logos, or the names with the logos and branding attached.

Your jewelry business name may have come to you easily. Perhaps it was just your name. Or your name, plus “jewelry” or “designs.” Logos tend to be a little trickier, as they’re often more abstract and, well, symbolic. Fortunately, we’ve got several great ideas to help you kickstart the creative process. Then, we’ll look at your options for getting that amazing logo designed.

7 jewellery logo design ideas

No single jewelry logo design works for everyone. Your business is uniquely yours, and your logo should reflect that. How boring would it be if everyone used the same logo?

So, keep in mind each of the following ideas is exactly that—an idea. Don’t feel pigeonholed into using any of the below ideas exactly as it’s spelled out. Make it your own!

Name Centric Logo

There’s no shame in a name-centric logo. It is your name after all! With name-centric logos, you have numerous options.

You can go for the classic name-only logo, an approach many established and fledgling jewelry brands alike use.

Tiffany & Co. are a great example of the name-centric logo. Their logo has only their name. There’s no flash, no pizazz, only their name and their signature color. They even have a black and white version for everything else.

You’re proud of your name, so don’t be afraid to run with it as the logo!

Here some logos for your brand.

•  G Typography Logo
•  A Typography Logo
•  ABDS Typography Logo

© Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

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Your Initials as a Logo

Love your name but want something a little more compact or sleek? Use your initials as the logo!

Numerous brands successfully use their initials as a logo. The initials approach is especially great for those with lengthy last names. And best of all, an initials logo fits nicely on business cards, social profiles, and virtually everything else.

You can opt for an initials-only logo, or prominently feature your initials and have your full name as well, like this logo below from Lulu + Belle:

Much like a name-only logo, your initials logo doesn’t have to be overly flashy. Something clean, easy to read, and perfectly you is enough.

Symbolic Jewellery Logo

Symbolism goes a long way in the jewellery world. Jewellery is a visual thing, and what’s more visual than a symbol, especially one with a ton of meaning behind it?

The sky’s the limit with symbolic jewellery logos. Think about your brand and what it means to you. Is there something that inspired you to start your business? Or does jewellry have some personal importance to you? A cherished memory or person that’s synonymous with jewellry in your mind? If you have a solid answer to any of these questions, a symbolic logo might be perfect.

Swarovski’s logo is a great example of using symbolism:

Swarovski is one of the oldest names in jewellery, and has built their reputation around using top-notch stones. The swan is synonymous with beauty and grace, so Swarovski using this is on point.

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Black & White Logo

Sometimes the loudest statements are the simplest ones. There’s plenty of room for color in logos, but a black and white logo can also make a bold statement that’s wholly yours.

Look at that Swarovski logo again. It’s black and white, but it’s also striking and completely unique. And, you can always create a colorized version of your logo for later on, using your black and white logo on business cards and what not.

Colour Logo

While black and white logos are classic and stylish, sometimes full color is the way to go. Full color logos can feature numerous colors, or be clean and simple, like the Tiffany & Co. logo with their signature color.

Think about your brand, your jewelry, and your personality. What kinds of colors do you see? Once you have one or two or ten in mind, run with them. See how you can incorporate those colors into an existing black and white logo, or make something entirely new.

The Rolex Logo is a great example of using color, but keeping things simple:

You don’t need a million colors to make a color logo pop. Pick a few you like and start there.

Modern Style Logo

If you consider yourself one with the trends, a modern style logo might be the perfect fit for your brand. Modern style logos are typically clean, with some bits of color. But, most importantly: modern style logos are never in your face.

Take a look at the screenshot below and you’ll see numerous modern jewelry logo examples:

Notice that each logo is incredibly unique, but also has some similarities. Most of them feature color, save the few black and white ones. And all of them have some kind of visual with the text, or have turned the text into a visual itself (like the cute cursive one in the lower right).

Abstract Logo

Do you like going against the grain? Making a statement that’s all your own and nobody else’s? An abstract logo could be just the thing for you.

Abstract logos can be just about anything you want. Do you want splashes of color? You’ve got it. Something way out there and difficult to identify? Done. Something clean, yet different? Abstract has you covered.

Abstract logos can tell a story in an instant, conveying emotions and giving people an idea about what it is you create. But, it’s important that abstract logos get paired with your name, especially in the beginning. Those who don’t know your logo, won’t know what it is you make and sell. By attaching your name, you’re telling the whole story.

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