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Instagram grids are themes you can use to create stunning designs from your profile feed. Instagram grids are sometimes called Instagram “puzzles,” and you can create them by uploading related posts to your feed, combining the images to create a cohesive image. They typically consist of nine or 12 posts and there are several different types of Instagram grids that are popular with Instagram marketers.

7 Instagram Grid Examples to Inspire

Instagram grids follow a specific pattern using colors and imagery to let customers learn more about your brand. Of course, there are different types of Instagram grids that you can use, depending on what works for your content and your audience. Here, we’ll cover 7 different types of grids along with real-life Instagram grid examples for each type. We encourage you to not copy the examples but rather use them as inspiration for creating your own Instagram grids that really make your brand pop.

•  Squares
•  Rows
•  Columns
•  Checkerboard
•  Borders
•  Diagonals
•  Puzzle

Squares Zig Zag Pattern

If you’re looking for an Instagram grid layout that doesn’t require tons of planning but still looks like it does, just sticking with one or two colors for your images and using a consistent filter on each image is your best bet. Using similar colors makes your profile feed look intentional without spending tons of time thinking about which images to include.

Here’s an example of this Instagram grid from Square Zig Zag Pattern Instagram feed showing that you don’t need flashy colors to create a stunning profile feed: Of course, if you want to use flashy colors, this example from agastya design Instagram shows that it works just as well:

© Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

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This Instagram grid example is based on a 3×3 grid with a total of nine squares. For this grid, you’ll be using a visual pattern for each set of three posts. This might mean using specific color schemes, using complementary colors with a cohesive theme, or something else.


This Instagram grid type is similar to rows except the content is arranged vertically. Some Instagrammers use colorful images in the first and last columns with a simpler image or text in the middle column. Let’s take a look at a couple of Instagram grid examples for this grid type.

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Top Bottom - Checkerboard

The checkerboard Instagram grid is visually appealing whether your content is image-heavy or text-based. The best part is that it looks really fancy, but all it takes is two different types of posts that contrast one another. Then, you just alternate the post images for the checkerboard effect.

Left-Right Row

As you’ll see in the Instagram grid examples below, borders add an air of elegance to your Instagram profile feed. The images tend to be simple with light backgrounds and a minimalist feel. You’re likely to see this Instagram grid type on the Instagram feeds of high-end, luxury brands.


Diagonal grids are a fun play on the row- or column-based grids. They look really complicated and, to be frank, they can be. If you want to create an entirely diagonal feed, you’ll need four general themes for the images you use. Some Instagrammers end up feeling stuck with the themes they’ve chosen, so we recommend not getting too specific on your theme.


The last of the Instagram grid examples we’re going to cover is the puzzle layout. The puzzle layout is fairly dramatic to look at. It involves images that come together to make a complete image out of your entire Instagram profile grid. This takes a lot of planning, but it’s stunning to behold. For best results, each of your images should be able to stand on its own as well as come together with the pictures around it to create a single image. Here’s one of our favorites from the Netflix series Dark:

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