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Adobe XD Jun 2019 Update

In this new release of Adobe XD, we’re bringing a streamlined properties inspector to Prototyping mode, which means it’s easier than ever to keep track of complex interactions. We’ve also added superscript and subscript to your type options and improved the design-and-development workflow, thanks to a supercharged XD for Jira release that includes support for Jira Cloud and Jira Server.

We’re also officially rolling out a new Plugins Panel, which will make it easier than ever to access XD’s growing number of plugins from right within the XD user interface. Read on for more details on the new Panel and other features unveiled in this latest release.

Plugins Panel

Access and interact with plugins right in XD. All your installed plugins appear in one place and you can add more at any time.

XD for Jira 2.0

This new integration makes additional information about XD documents — like the number of artboards or avatars — available in Jira, so it’s even easier to collaborate.

Text additions

Create text symbols for trademarks, copyright and more by adding superscripts and subscripts into your design.

Property Inspector improvements

Now Prototype mode supports the Property Inspector, which lets you show property options for a selected object and perform operations at scale across multiple artboards.

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