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In today’s world, there are plenty of websites that claim to be able to give users superpowers. But only some of them deliver. That is why I made a selection for you to save your precious time and effort.

Whether creating marketing campaigns, delivering social media posts, or making modern websites without coding, these sites promise and deliver on those promises.

So what makes these websites so good? Take a look at seven of the best and find out. Dive in and start using your newfound superpowers!


Simplified is an all-in-one platform that allows teams to design, write, edit videos, and publish content. It has an AI content writer that can help you create high-quality content quickly and easily. Plus, marketing templates and social media scheduling tools do planning and managing your campaigns easy.

You can also easily create videos and animations while keeping track of your deadlines. Simplified is perfect for small businesses that want to take their content marketing to the next level.

Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster is a lead generation platform that uses AI to extract the list of leads most likely to be interested in your product or service. It then enriches this data with additional information like their email address and contact information so you can reach out to them directly.

The benefits of using Phantom Buster for lead generation include the following:

  • It saves you time because it automatically extracts the relevant data from web pages and other sources.
  • It’s reliable because it has a high degree of accuracy when extracting data.
  • It’s efficient because it generates leads quickly and systematically.


Smallpdf is a website that offers users all the tools they need to be more productive and work smarter with documents. This includes the ability to convert, compress, and edit PDFs for free.

Smallpdf has many useful features for anyone who needs to quickly and easily produce or manage documents. For example, the website has comprehensive tools for converting files between different formats, including PDF, DOCX, TXT, and JPEG.

It also has a powerful compression tool that can reduce file sizes by up to 90% without losing quality. Additionally, it enables users to edit PDFs directly on their computer and save them as new versions or copies with different file names and titles.

Overall, Smallpdf is an excellent resource for anyone who needs quick and easy access to tools that will help them be more productive and work smarter with documents.


If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your audio recordings, then Wavacity is the perfect tool for you.

Wavacity offers a full-blown auto editor that works on smartphones and desktop computers. This means you can remove noise from the recording, cut trim and join clips with just a few clicks.

Plus, it has a built-in noise reduction feature that will automatically reduce background noise while you’re recording. It’s also easy to share your recordings online using the built-in sharing features.

A clean learning space will help facilitate your kids’ learning abilities. Following these methods will certainly help make your kid’s learning space better and cleaner.


Daftpage is a next-gen website builder that makes creating websites easy and fun. It offers a wide range of features to help you create a perfect website for your needs.

For starters, Daftpage has landing pages that are perfect for promoting your business or product. Notion offers a variety of features and templates to help you get started, and you can even use Daftpage to build your custom themes.

Once you’ve created your site, you can publish it online using the simple drag & drop interface. Plus, because Daftpage is powered by Notion, it’s fast and easy to use — perfect for busy makers who don’t have time to waste.


12ft.io is a great website that allows you to bypass paywalls and read paid articles for free. It is a great way to save time and money, as you won’t have to spend extra money on subscriptions or other fees.

Additionally, the website provides users with the cached, unpaywalled version of the page, so you can always see the latest updates without waiting for the page to load completely.

Html to design

Html.to.design is a website that allows you to convert any website into fully editable Figma designs. This means you can start building your designs without worrying about any complex coding or design process — everything is handled by the website. You need to import the website into Figma, and it will be ready!

The platform is simple and intuitive, making it ideal for anyone who wants to start quickly with their design projects. It also has many features that make it indispensable for professional designers. For example, it has a built-in collaboration feature so that designs can be shared between users easily and feedback can be gathered quickly and efficiently.

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